Shopping in Itanagar

Itanagar is one of the favourite tourist spots in Northeast India. Apart from the mesmerizing natural beauty, Itanagar also has many markets offering a variety of products and commodities for the customers. Although, Itanagar does not have swanky malls and luxurious complexes, the small shops and the roadside markets are sufficient to attract the visitors. Some of the popular shopping items include wooden articles, woolen shawls, bamboo baskets and not to forget thangkas or the marvelous Tibetan Buddhist paintings. While buying the commodities do bargain hard as the vendors charge very high prices for the commodities.

Things to Buy In Itanagar


Shopping in ItanagarOne can find Thangkas or the Tibetan Buddhist paintings in plenty in Itanagar.  One can find number of shops and roadside stalls that sells Thangkas in different designs and at reasonable prices. The city is scattered with a number of handicraft centers and emporiums that houses artifacts and has an amazing miscellaneous collection of Tibetan paintings. These paintings are made on cloth using vegetable dyes and gold.


Itanagar is also popular for selling exotic wood figurines and wooden sculptures. The shops in Itanagar also sell wooden objects of birds and animals. Apart from these the tourist also can also pick up some woodcarvings found in narrow bustling markets of the city as souvenirs.

Woolen Products

Bomdila, a beautiful small town situated near the main city is very popular for its woolen products. One can get the best quality woolen items here. Especially, during the winter season the demand for  sweaters, shawls, caps goes up in Itanagar.

Fruit Bowls

Another very attractive item which one can buy as souvenir is the exotic fruit bowls made out of Monpa wood.  Apart from these bowls, one can also find cups and dishes made of this spectacular wood that are made in bulk by trained wood carvers. So, when you visit Itanagar do not forget to buy these attractive fruit bowls that make perfect gifting items for your friends and family.


The shops in Itanagar are loaded with bright and fashionable sarongs. Thesr sarangs are worn by both men and women. Apart from sarongs make sure to spend some money on attractive bangles and bead ornaments available in the shops.

Bamboo and Cane ItemsShopping in Itanagar

The shops in Itanagar are very popular for selling beautiful l bamboo and cane items like flower vases, chairs, baskets, crafted bamboo mats, lamps, wall hangings  and many more.  If one visits Itanagar one must definitely buy these delicately woven bamboo items.

Markets in Itanagar

Like other big cities Itanagar does not have large shopping malls and markets. But the tourist can enjoy shopping in the local markets of Itanagar. The markets in Itanagar will not disappoint the buyers. Mentioned below are the names of a few  local markets and shopping complexes in Itanagar.

  • Ganga Market
  • Akashdeep Market
  • B B Plaza
  • Legi Shopping Complex
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