Geography of Itanagar

Itanagar, located at the foothills of the Himalayas is one of the major hill stations in Northeast India.  The city is well known for its beautiful valleys and hill ranges. Itanagar is also known as the “the Land of Dawn lit Mountains” due to is geographical location.

Location and Topography of Itanagar

Geography of ItanagarItanagar lies between 27.1°N latitude and 93.62°E longitude.The city is situated at an average altitude of 750 meters above sea level. Located at the foothills of The Himalayas Itanagar is bordered by  Nagaland, Assam, Myanmar, Bhutan and China.The physical features of the city is divided into two parts namely the Foothill Region and the Hilly Region.

The foothill region receives heavy rainfall during monsoon and this area is covered by Dense tropical evergreen forests. This area forma the agricultural land of the region.

The mountainous area of the region forms the hilly region. The hilly region is covered with dense and thick forests. The area has very limited agricultural land and jhum cultivation is practiced in this area.

Climate of Itanagar

The climate of Itangar is sub tropical in nature.  The summers are hot and humid and experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season The winters in this region are very cool and dry. The minimum temperature of the region is 5° C and maximum is 30° C.

The summers in Itanagar starts from the month of April till June and the average Temperature is 25°C. The Monsoon here starts from the month July till September. Itanagar experiences an average annual rainfall of 2289 mm. The winters begins from the month of November till march. The average winter temperature is 9.4ºC.

Average temperature in Itanagar

  • Jan:  (Max temp: 11) (Min Temp: 3)
  • Feb: (Max temp:  11) (Min Temp: 4)
  • March: (Max temp: 21) (Min Temp: 8)
  • April: (Max temp: 24) (Min Temp: 10)
  • May: (Max temp: 26) (Min Temp: 11)
  • June: (Max temp: 28) (Min Temp: 15)
  • July: (Max temp: 30) (Min Temp: 13)
  • Aug: (Max temp: 30) (Min Temp: 14)
  • Sep: (Max temp: 26) (Min Temp: 13)
  • Oct: (Max temp: 24) (Min Temp: 12)
  • Nov: (Max temp: 19) (Min Temp: 7)
  • Dec: (Max temp: 16) (Min Temp: 3)

Flora and Fauna in Itanagar

Flora and fauna in ItanagarItanagar is rich in flora due to the prevalence of moderate climatic condition. Different types of trees, plants and flowers are found in this region. The different trees and plants that are found in this region include:  Talauma hodgsonii ,rewia multiflora, calicarpa arborea , rubus insignia, ,Buddleia Asiatic a, trevasia palmate, ptris enciformis cyathea spinulosa, Scoparia dulcis, Osbekia nutans, Urena lobata and many more.

The various wild animals found in the region includes: elephants, Barking deer, samber, wild boars. Different Variety of birds can also be seen in the region. This includes: hornbill, Jungle fowl,  dove, snipes, parakeet, swifts, kingfisher, cuckoo, , owls, trogon, barbets, woodpeckers, jungle crow,  mynas, tree pie and many more.
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