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Food in Itanagar

A trip to Itanagar will remain incomplete if one does not taste the relishing mouth watering food in Itanagar. Rice is the staple food in this region. The two most popular methods of cooking rice are Dung Po and Kholam. A unique feature of the tribal gastronomy is that they do not use oil or other packed Indian spices. The tribal cuisines are healthy and nutritious as they usually use herbs which contain medicinal properties and fresh spices that are normally found in Northeast India.

Some Common Dishes of Itanagar

Food in Arunachal PradeshDung Po (Steam Rice): It is the most common style of cooking rice. Two brass utensils are required for this purpose. The rice is filled with some leaves on top, to secure it from scattering as the brass pot is hollow from beneath and the second pot is filled with water to produce steam to cook the rice. After te rice is cooked, it is served wrapped in leaves.

Kholam: It is also another unique way of cooking rice. In this method, instead of metal utensils a bamboo tube is used. The rice is filled with water in a bamboo tube and then the tube is heated so that the rice is cooked fully. The outer layer of the tube is incised, before eating the rice.

Wungwut Ngam (Chicken with rice powder): To prepare this dish, firstly the required amount of rice is fried till brown without using any oil and then the rice is ground to powder. The rice powder is added to the half cooked chicken with all the local herbs and then left to boil. For any kind of ethnic dishes boiler chickens are avoided.

Pasa: It is a fish soup that is prepared using fresh raw fish. The head and tail portion of the fish is chopped of and the remaining portion of the fish is cut into small pieces and a paste is made. All the ingredients like ginger, garlic, chilly, pee chim khim, makat, phoi hom are grinded together to make a paste. Then the paste of the fish and the spices are mixed with ooriam (Khumpatt) leaves juice to give greenish color to the soup.

Ngatok: It is an ethnic fish curry with unique cooking method. The fish is chopped into small pieces and marinated with local spices. After that , a medium sized stone is heated extremely and is kept along with the marinated fish and then the whole thing is wrapped in a particular leaf and then covered with ashes or charcoal and left to cook.

There is variety of simple tribal recipes but the above mentioned dishes are most commonly cooked in Itanagar. But if you are a foodie and want to taste the various tribal dishes then you must definitely travel across Arunachal Pradesh because the cuisines of the state vary as per the region.

Top Restaurants in Itanagar

Food in Arunachal PradeshThe restaurants in Itanagar offer the tourist with a whole lot of eating options. The restaurants offer Indian, continental and Chinese dishes. Some of the best restaurant in Itanagar is mentioned below:

Hot Bite Restaurant
Arun Subansiri Hotel, Near Zero Point,
Itanagar: 791111
0360-2212806, 2212677

Chandni Restaurant
Super Market, Nahar Lagun, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2244563

Kameng Restaurant
Near Bank Tinali, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2212869, 09436237316

Anne Restaurant
Sector C, Near Hema Hospital, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2211289, 09774130331

Tasty Restaurant
Sector A, Opposite Helipad Road,
Nahar Lagun, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2247228

Bhishmak Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Donyi Polo Ashok,
Sector C, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2212626, 2212627
Meal for two: Rs 700

Hot Bite Restaurant
Address: Arun Subansiri Hotel,
Near Zero Point, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2212806, 2212677
Meal for two: Rs 200

Kameng Restaurant
Address: Near Bank Tinali, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2212869, 09436237316
Meal for two: Rs 500

Anne Restaurants
Address: Sector C, Near Hema Hospital,
Phone no: 0360-2211289, 09774130331
Meal for two: Rs 300

Tasty Restaurants
Address: Sector A , Opposite Helipad Road,
Nahar Lagun, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 0360-2247228
Meal for two: Rs 200

Jyoti Restaurant
Address: Bank-Tinali, C-Sector, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 09615725477
Meal for two: Rs 300

Golden Crown Restaurant
Address: Nh-52, Legi Marketing Complex, Itanagar: 791111
Phone no: 09402499399
Meal for two: Rs 400

Address: C-Sector, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh 791111

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